Deep Meaningful Conversation

at Ugly Duck, London

dmc 1 dmc 2

Wolf at Door (Protective Circle), 2022, paraffin wax, Tritium.

dmc 3 dmc 4

Theres more of gravy than of the grave about you, whatever you are. Silk, chain, fixings.

dmc 5

Improvised Excitement Device, 2022, Cantilever toolbox, party-poppers.

dmc 6

We Drank Some Cokes and Beat Our Toys into Ploughshares (Again), 2022, wood, paint.

dmc 7

Portrait of Paul Thek as a Birdhouse, 2022, wood, paint.

dmc 8

Untitled, 2022, wood, paint, ball-gag.

dmc 9